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Internal Structure is IMPORTANT!

My dad is a builder of homes.

I'm a builder of cakes.

Building a cake you say?

Yes, you are building. If you are stacking a cake, you must make sure your cake is structurally sound. Thankfully I have never had a cake fall, tip over or collapse. I'm hoping it never will happen, and I take extra precaution to make sure it doesn't. I always use boba straws inside my cakes. I love that these little straws have cake inside. I remind the caterer, or whomever will be cutting the cake, to remove them upon serving. These can be taken into the kitchen and eaten afterwards. There is a full little bite inside each straw. Make sure you always have a cardboard rounds under each cake. This will provide a steady "ground" for the straws to settle on. After you have completely stacked the cake with boba straws in each cake, always add a wooden dowel right down the center of the cake. I normally use a 5/16" round dowel and sharpen into a point with a knife. It will push all the way down into the cake board. It's important to keep your cake structurally sound.

If you are not using an internal support system, please rethink it. It's so important. Remember, if you are providing a wedding cake for your client, this is their very special day. Most likely, this will be their first and last wedding cake. Make sure it's as perfect as you can make it!

Hope this helps!

There are links to the boba straws from my account. If you purchase through this link, my family will receive a small commission from Thank you!

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